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Because It will take your abilities to a whole new level! One that’s almost impossible to reach on your own.

welcome to my mentorship program!

you’ve been guided here for a reason…

Everyone needs a mentor! That’s right, everyone…

If you want to get really good at something anyway. It doesn’t matter what you’re learning how to do, ride a bike, learning how to paint, even learning how to invest in the stock market. If you want to be the best you can be, having a mentor is priceless…


Especially when it comes to spiritual mentors. When I was younger it was easier to find a mentor, in fact, I was lucky enough to find two!


It was priceless. I learned more from those two mentors than I could’ve ever learned on my own. And I read stacks and stacks of books. I was a sponge. I read everything. But there was a very big difference. When I had questions, I had somewhere to go. And the knowledge I gained from this experience was truly AMAZING. Because my experience were unique, and sometimes I couldn’t find these experiences in a book. But my mentors always had an answer for me. They had been there, and done that. What a relief that turned out to be!

You will gain confidence. I had plenty of confidence when it came to my own abilities, however, giving readings, that was a whole different story. Having a mentor who can help you to navigate through the spiritual realm, and the experiences you are having, will take your confidence to a whole new level. Especially if you want to become a healer. There’s just nothing like learning from someone who’s been a healer for a long time. The knowledge you gain is (yes I’m going to repeat myself), priceless. And all of this is HUGE when it comes to developing your abilities.

And that brings clarity. I’ve always had very strong abilities, but what I didn’t have was control over them. And I wanted to feel like I had a better handle on things, more control over what I was seeing, hearing, and experiencing. I was tired of feeling like I was at the mercy of whatever my abilities decided to do at random times (at the movie theater, while I was trying to sleep, at my kids school, etc.). I knew there had to be a better way. So I practiced, a lot. But it didn’t feel like I was really gaining anymore clarity or control, until I found a mentor. That changed everything!

So what does a mentor offer?


Now I’m a mentor. And I’m passionate about it. I love what I do, because now I’m helping others the same way I was helped as a young psychic. And it stuck with me. So I’m paying it forward…

In the Mentorship Circle you will find.

A HUGE Library of Resources

The library is currently contains 24+ different categories, and is filled with over 170+ Video, Audio, and PDF files. You will find some of these categories (just to name a few):

  • Dreaming & Astral Travel
  • Healing
  • Universal Laws
  • Angels, Spirits, & Spirit Guides
  • Intuition & Psychic Ability
  • Seminars
  • And many more…
ACCESS To My Private Spiritual Community

You will have a link to join my private Empath U Community. The Empath U Facebook group is devoted to:

  • Answering questions.
  • Discussions on advanced spiritual topics.
  • Live streaming videos.
  • Support from other like minded people.
Monthly Masterclasses via ZOOM

NEW MONTHLY MASTERCLASSES! Each month I teach a new masterclass for Empath U members. It will be offered to the inner circle members for FREE! Plus, when you will also have access to any HEALERS SEMINARS that I do. Each seminar has a value of over $49+ when purchased individually. The classes will be included as a *bonus* and part of your mentorship package when you begin. Each class will include:

  • A video
  • A downloadable MP3 file
  • Downloadable PDF files (when required)

Who’s this course for?

THE BEGINNER: If you’re new to the spirit world, and your abilities. Or you just discovered them again. Someone who’s looking for guidance and answers.

THE ADVANCED: If you’re feeling your at a crossroad. Or feel like you’ve plateaued and would like to advance even further.

THE HEALER: If you’re looking to get into the healing field, you think you might be a healer, or you’re a healer looking to take your abilities to the next level.

What’s Next & How Does It Work?

Below you will have 2 payment options. If you pay yearly, it’s a one time fee. (And you will save over 30% off of the monthly price). Either way once your payment is made, you will become a Mentorship Circle Member. As a member, wallah! You will have immediate FULL ACCESS to the LEARNING LIBRARY! Where you will find over 200+ archived video, audio, and pdf files.

There you can watch videos, and download MP3 files to your phone for on the go listening. You will also find articles, exercises, and guided meditations. All organized for easy access.

Next, you can ask to join the private EMPATH U COMMUNITY. (Because it’s private you will have to be approved once your membership is confirmed). There you can socialize with other mentorship students and ask Jennifer questions.

30 Day guarantee BOOM!

We do offer a 30 day, ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED guarantee.  If you feel our product is not a good fit in the first month, just let us know and we will give your money back without hassling you!

limited time!


$299 a year

A Savings Of $49 A Year!

Mentorship Circle Membership
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$29 a month

Only $29 A Month!

Mentorship Circle Membership
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